The MEA has made tremendous progress advancing the cause of public education during the most recent legislative session. Some of the key highlights include: 

  • Huge increases in state aid to local schools; the state is contributing hundreds of millions in state and federal aid to our schools to make sure we have the resources we need to open to in-person instruction during the pandemic  
  • Lifted the minimum teacher salary to $40,000 – a long time goal of the Maine Education Association
  • Required schools to offer pay averaging to hourly employees
  • Passed a bill requiring greater oversight of dangerous behaviors in the classrooms, and codified in law the need to make sure such incidents are investigated and addressed

And so much more . . . 

MEA’s success was due to the constant engagement of our members in the legislative program of our organization. But another element of our success was the composition of the Legislature. When pro education candidates are elected to the House and Senate we can make great progress for our schools. Below is a summary of how lawmakers votes on the key issues that matter to our public schools and our union with the Scorecard Bills Description highlighting the items MEA graded each lawmaker on resulting in a final grade from 0-100%.