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The MEA is working hard to provide educators with the most up-to-date information during this unprecedented time. As things change each day, the MEA will work to support our members in the best way possible. The MEA knows you have more questions than there are likely answers for, at this time. However, the Association is working non-stop to advocate for the best possible educational solutions during this difficult time.



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School Nurse Struggle

School Nurse Struggle "We are frequently yelled at. Sworn at. Insulted." The daily life of a school nurse during the pandemic.The requirements for public school nurses have expanded to levels likely no one could have ever imagined due to the pandemic. Contact tracing,...

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Vaccine FAQs

The Maine Education Association understands you have many questions surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine. As the State works to acquire more vaccines, the MEA is working hard to learn more about how the process will work for our members, once vaccines are available. Below...

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Cleaning and Disinfecting in the COVID-19 Era

As schools and campuses continue to return to in-person instruction during the pandemic, questions about the health hazards of cleaning and disinfecting products and protocols continue to arise. Our Cleaning and Disinfecting in the COVID-19 Era fact sheet provides...

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Teacher Evaluations and Remote Learning

The MEA has heard concerns from teachers in some districts that they will be subject to summative evaluations based on their performance while teaching remotely or in hybrid models. MEA believes this would be an inappropriate and ineffective application of the local...

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Color-Coded County Risk Levels

Current Color-Code for Each County The Maine Department of Education instituted a color-code system for the operation of public schools in July. The three-tiered health advisory system is updated at 12:00 pm Friday, on an every two weeks cycle. These recommendations...

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FAQs for Out of State Travel

Source and FMI: The State of Maine, its communities, and its diverse tourism and hospitality industries know that visitors want to travel to locations that are safe and healthy, and they want to enjoy...

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Know Your Rights

Paid Sick Leave Questions