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MEA offers educators an early enrollment membership option, giving you the chance to join the Association between April 1st and August 31st and PAY NO DUES until September 1, 2021! While you’re not paying dues, you’ll still get many of the benefits of membership, including the exclusive NEA Educators Employment Liability (EEL) coverage that protects you from personal financial liability stemming from employment-related lawsuits.

Early Enrollment Benefits

Protection Plan

Protection Plan

Join your local association now and pay no dues until September. You’ll have access to an MEA Field Representative who can help you navigate employment issues and you’ll also receive the NEA’s Educators Employment Liability (EEL) coverage that protects you from personal financial liability stemming from employment- related lawsuits.

Innovative Training

Innovative Training

Enrolling now gives you full access to professional development opportunities Upon full membership, starting September 1, 2021, your membership includes statewide support where and when you need it most: at the bargaining table, at professional development workshops and trainings, in difficult times—providing legal assistance, and so much more!

Keys to Success and Savings

Keys to Success and Savings

When you’re a member you’re part of a professional association of 24,000 members statewide, and 3 million nationwide. There is strength in numbers, and as a member our collective voices are  heard at the local, state and national level. Early enrollment also gives you access to NEA Member Benefits. The only benefits excluded are the Complimentary Life and Introductory Life Insurance.  Early Enrollees will be eligible as of September 1 for these two benefits. 

Why Join?

While the appeal of free dues until September 1, 2021 sounds enticing the reason to join is much greater.

The Maine Education Association has and will continue to be an influential voice in issues related to public education at the local, state, and national levels. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our educators needed their union more than ever, and MEA was there.

Guaranteed Pay

When school buildings closed in March of 2020, the MEA immediately advocated at the state level to ensure our educators received their regular paychecks, regardless of their physical working condition. The Governor agreed and issued an executive order to mandate school employee pay for all preK-12 educators.


Required Safety Protocols

While every school district in Maine is unique, the MEA believes, and advocated for school districts to fully adopt the Maine Department of Education six safety guidelines. The MEA believes these guidelines should be treated as mandates and pushed for that to occur in our schools around the state. MEA maintained that if the CDC believed these were the safety protocols that were needed for our schools then they should be required.

Vaccine Priority

Among the most challenging efforts for the MEA came when vaccine priority was given and then taken away from Maine’s educators. As soon as it was clear a vaccine would be on the horizon, MEA worked with State leaders to prioritize our educators. We all know educators want to be face to face with their students and a vaccine would help create consistency for our students so MEA pushed to place educators in what was then called the 1B category. With that goal achieved, MEA felt secure educators would be prioritized. When the plan changed, MEA turned to the National Education Association, which had been pushing as well to prioritize prek-12 educators for the COVID vaccine. The collective action and voices of MEA and NEA members around the nation truly made a difference for prek-12 educators. MEA continues to advocate for vaccine priority for higher education educators.

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