COVID-19 Hourly Pay UPDATE 3/20/2020 

During this difficult time, MEA has been working to ensure our hourly employees continue to get paid. Last night, 3/19/2020, Governor Mills issued an Executive Order requiring school districts to continue to pay their hourly employees for the remainder of the school year. MEA had been advocating for this measure and is grateful the Governor has put this provision in place. 

This executive order protects your pay for what would be your normal, regular hours if the school year was not impacted by COVID-19. 

Your scheduled hours during the school closure and what work is performed, absences and sick leave are all decided locally per contract or by agreement.  

MEA is recommending your local association work to develop a written agreement to address COVID-19 closure related issues.  Local association leaders should expect more guidance from MEA on these issues soon.  For answers to some of the frequently asked questions around this topic, please the guidance below.