Our hearts are broken for George Floyd, his family and the whole nation as we are all affected by this senseless tragedy, the latest in the continuing series of injustices that have gone on far too long. A core value of the Maine Education Association is a Just Society: “We believe public education is vital to building respect for the worth, dignity, and equality of every individual in our diverse society.”

Educators in their many roles in our public schools and institutions of higher education take seriously our responsibility to advocate for welcoming and inclusive learning environments that support all students and that have the necessary resources for all students to be successful. We value each individual and their uniqueness.

This is not just what we do, this is who we are.

Whether the recent tragic events have caused us to feel deep sadness, frustration, anger, or all of these emotions, it is clear to many more that we must all increase our efforts and persist in our endeavor to see that our society truly is a just society, so that equality and equity are not just words we use but are clearly evident all around us, that there is indeed justice for all.

The Maine Education Association will keep working to make our core value a reality.