The Educator Voice Academies are focused on establishing (or re-establishing, in some cases) the knowledge base and needed supports for our state affiliates and their teams, engaging in the strategic priority work around educator voice. We’re working to support affiliates as they weave their work and priorities through the lens of educator voice using the levers of state and local ESSA implementation.  

Attendees at the Educator Voice Academies will include state presidents, vice-presidents, boards of directors, leaders of state-level affinity and constituency groups (such as caucuses, divisions, etc.), state executive directors, instructional issues staff, government relations staff, communications staff, and local UniServ Directors, as well as local leaders as identified by state leadership. FMI: Contact MEA President, Grace Leavitt.

Educator Voice Academies

    July 12-14 – Chicago

    August 12-14 – Washington, DC

    August 20-22 – Seattle

    September 13-15 – TBD