Higher Education COVID-19 Update
As you can imagine, the swing of things has been moving very quickly with each of the COVID-19 relief packages.  MEA leaders and staff remain in communication with NEA. NEA lobbyists apologize that their efforts aren’t readily apparent in the higher education setting. Rest assured there is much work occurring behind the scenes.  With how developments change by the hour, it has been difficult to provide timely updates without information changing or becoming incorrect. 

NEA Government Relations will provide a summary of beneficial items from the third Coronavirus package, otherwise known as the CARES Act, once it has passed. A current summary of the CARES Act, based on what NEA believes is the near final version of the package can be found here. However, there is room for potential changes between now and votes in each respective chamber. It is MEA’s intention to send this as soon as it passes the US House and US Senate. 

NEA will be hosting a webinar for higher ed leaders and state affiliate staff with Ronny Lau (NEA Lobbyist) to discuss stimulus funding and next steps.  As soon as that’s scheduled, we will notify state staff and higher ed local leaders.  

If you have questions, please reach out to MEA https://maineea.org/coronavirus/

Stay Strong and Stay Safe,  
Grace Leavitt  
MEA President