AUBURN (WGME) — At Fairview Elementary in Auburn, it’s all about science and solving problems.

Sixty-five students had to come up with a personal or world problem. Then write a report, including pictures, build an invention and present it to their peers and parents.

“So, all these projects are all from their own problem-solving kind of minds and being able to connect that with that they’re learning to make it a real-world experience,” teacher Jocelyn Gray said.

The dozens of projects ranged from an outdoor winter bunny hutch to tools to help people with disabilities garden to a sports pad dryer to an ultra froster.

One student was apparently tired of his chore of taking out the garbage, so he invented the trash traveler.

Another who tired of seeing shirts just stuffed into drawer created a “fold-a-matic.”

It’s hands-on education in this science class. An education the teacher hopes sticks with them.

“You hear a lot of times, when I am ever going to use this and that’s the biggest thing is, I want them to realize that, what you’re learning is going to be used when you get older,” Gray said.

The next project will be a living museum after reading biographies.

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