MEA Advocacy Pays Off

MEA stands up for members, ensuring that our voice, values, and priorities are heard & respected both in the workplace & at the statehouse. MEA is continually working for better pay and benefits for members and advocating for policies and investments that...

Challenging Bias and Harassment in Our Schools

Challenging Bias and Harassment in Our SchoolsHaving conversations about identity—including potentially uncomfortable topics like race, religion, and sexual orientation—may not be something you feel like you know how to do, but starting the conversation is important...

Pandemic Lessons Learned

Q & A with the Maine County Teachers of the Year From handwashing tips to better grading practices, to ways to support students who weren’t present, the County Teachers of the Year shared their best ideas with Maine Educator to help make...

Preparing For Life

Preparing For Life Biddeford TA Member Named Consumer Science of the Year Practical skills for daily life are the focus of Vicki Lee’s Family and Consumer Sciences classes at Biddeford Middle School. The Biddeford Unified Arts classes have been so popular with...

FALL ’21 Issue



Collective Bargaining Wins

By: Nate Williams, Collective Bargaining and Research Director Collective bargaining gives educators a voice. Through collective bargaining, MEA members negotiate for more than their own economic security. They are also securing vital resources to help their students...

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From MEA’s Executive Director – Rachelle Johnson

It’s All About Perspective So, it’s been a minute since we last chatted. A lot has happened. The summer has come and gone, and now there is a crispness to the morning air. Schools have reopened, and we all are dealing with the ongoing stress and complications of a new...

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President’s Letter – Fall 2021

For many, this season is their favorite. Despite the shortening daylight hours, the weather is beautiful—crisp mornings, blue skies, still warm afternoons with sun making the changing leaves glow even brighter. For us in education, this time of year is full of...

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