A conversation with the 2022 Maine Teacher of the Year, Kelsey Stoyanova Share your stories with us! Being an educator has never been harder than it is right now. During the pandemic, Maine teachers, support staff, and our higher education faculty and staff have done...

Expanding Diversity in the School Workforce

Portland Public Schools Lead the Way in Change 49%. That’s the number of students in Portland public schools that identify as people of color. 11%. That’s the number of staff that do. The large gap between the two is one Portland Public Schools is working hard to fill...

MEA Salary Guide 22

MEA maintains a salary database to better help members understand how educators are paid across Maine. MEA encourages you to use this information as you advocate for wages and benefits in your district. The data is based off of contracts submitted to MEA for the...

94th Annual MEA Representative Assembly

Each year, the MEA holds its Representative Assembly (RA), the democratic body of the Union. At the 94th annual RA members will discuss the following proposals seen below. 2022 MEA Election ResultsBOAD OF DIRECTORSAlly LoukasDistrict B3 Year TermCedena McAvoyDistrict...

School Nurse Struggle

School Nurse Struggle "We are frequently yelled at. Sworn at. Insulted." The daily life of a school nurse during the pandemic.The requirements for public school nurses have expanded to levels likely no one could have ever imagined due to the pandemic. Contact tracing,...

In This Issue

Ignore the Noise

By: Paul Johnson, AFUM Member In January, I received my copy of Maine Educator. The article that...

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A conversation with the 2022 Maine Teacher of the Year, Kelsey Stoyanova Share your stories with...

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Union News

Union News

1 - Historic Pay Increases MEA and its local unions negotiated some historic pay increases this...

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