School Nurse Struggle

School Nurse Struggle "We are frequently yelled at. Sworn at. Insulted." The daily life of a school nurse during the pandemic.The requirements for public school nurses have expanded to levels likely no one could have ever imagined due to the pandemic. Contact tracing,...

We Are MEA

The Maine Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance honors outstanding educators who carry out quality programs, serve as positive role models, and are leaders in their profession, school, and community. This year, an MEA member received every...

Inclusive Books at Hermon High School

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) at Hermon High School received a grant from MEA’s Human and Civil Rights & Social Justice Committee. With that funding, the GSA club audited the library’s LGBTQIA+ books and ordered books to be more inclusive of the LGBTQIA+...

MEA Advocacy Pays Off

MEA stands up for members, ensuring that our voice, values, and priorities are heard & respected both in the workplace & at the statehouse. MEA is continually working for better pay and benefits for members and advocating for policies and investments that...

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Student Behaviors & Conflict Resolution

Navigating a difficult year where norms need reteaching The last time a 7th grader had a full, normal school year they were in 4th grade. Current 2nd graders have never had a “normal” school year. The return to full-time, in-person learning has been a struggle for...

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Handling Parent and Community Hostility

As COVID cases rise, and the stress of the pandemic continues, many teachers, education support professionals, faculty, principals and administrators have received letters, complaints, or been harassed by parents or vocal community members. For the sake of our...

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