MEA 2023 Career Earnings Data

As part of MEA’s continued commitment to educate its members on issues that impact their work and life, MEA staff compiled the following data regarding salaries, in particular, career earnings in Maine. Career Earnings is a strength-of-scale measure. The name is a bit...

Editor’s Note | Fall 2023: Through the Cracked Windshield

I now have a high school freshman and a middle school student. I also now have a LOT of white hair. When I started this job at the MEA my youngest was 12 weeks old, in diapers, and barely moving. Fast forward a few years, and I’m writing this same editor’s note...

Empowering Student Voice: Fostering Active Participation in the Classroom

A sense of ownership in the classroom is key for students to participate and engage in the learning process. By valuing and incorporating students’ ideas, perspectives, and opinions you are closer to having a room full of students who not only aren’t afraid to speak...

Why I Love MEA’s Summer Conference

The networking, the resources, the authentic presentations, the people-MEA members remind us why the latest MEA event was worth the time, and why you shouldn't miss the next event in the winter! The Maine Education Association hosted its annul professional development...

Cook’s Corner: Maximizing Student Outcomes Through Participation in IEP and 504 Meetings

By Mallory Cook and Anna Anthony Because we attend so many IEP and 504 meetings a year, it is easy to forget just how important these gatherings are to students’ academic success. Remember, most teams only meet once per year to discuss a student’s plan-a plan that...

Ink and Insights: How Teacher-Authors Inspire Students to Dream Big

By day they work as teachers. By night they’re crafting characters and stories to engage readers of all ages as published authors. Nick Fuller Googins, a fourth grade teacher at CK Burns School in Saco, and Rebecca Turkewitz , a 10th grade English teacher at Casco Bay...

Bargaining Round Up

The bargaining table is where dedicated teachers and resilient educators square off against budget constraints, policy shifts, and the desire to provide the best education possible for their students. These negotiations are more than discussions about salaries and...

At NEA RA, Delegates Pledge to Defend Freedom to Learn, Protect All Students

By: Tim Walker, Senior Writer Previously Published in NEA Today, Edited by Giovanna Bechard “Right here in Florida, we will preserve and strengthen a democracy that was steeped in the power of ‘We the People,’” says NEA President. Six thousand united and determined...

PERSPECTIVES: Students and “Post-pandemic” Higher Education

By Paul Johnson, Professor, University of Southern Maine Over the past few years, there have been numerous articles about the impact COVID-19 has had on students and their learning losses. For example, this summer, PBS Newshour featured a segment on this issue. The...

Social Media Savvy: A Guide to Posting Wisely and Professionally

Educators have a visible place in their communities, and lately, so many are finding themselves under the microscope for everything they say, wear, post in their classroom or online or elsewhere. There isn’t much an educator does that cannot be scrutinized by a member...

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