2019-2020 MEA Board of Directors

The MEA is an Association for educators, run by educators. The MEA Board of Directors are MEA members elected into office by those who are in their MEA district. The Board of Directors set policy decisions for the Association to help improve public schools and working conditions statewide. Members of the MEA are encouraged to reach out to the Board of Directors and discuss issues that are important to their work.

District A

Robert “Bo” Zabierek

District B

Suzen Polk-Hoffses

District C

Mallory Cook

District D

Cedena McAvoy

District E

Ken Williams

District F

Janice Murphy

District G

Nancy Mitchell

District H

Dennis Boyd

District I

Rebecca Cole

District J

Amy O’Brien Brown

District K

Bob McCully

District L

Janet Howe Kuech

District M

Donna Longley

District O

Lisa Leduc

District P

Neil Greenberg

District R – MEA-Retired
District ESP

Gerry French

Student Member

Carson Hope