Educators give it all for our kids. MEA gives it all for educators.

Educators work hard to shape Maine's youth, they deserve an organization that works just as hard for them—through support in your day to day work, pay and benefit negotiations, advocacy at the State House, securing discounts that help save you money, and so much more. MEA has your back - it works to advance public education by advocating for the profession and supporting Maine's educators so they can focus on what they do best.


Lewiston EA

"My Association represents me as a professional and helps all educators bargain for better wages and working conditions. Our improved contract is a direct result of our negotiating efforts."



"Whether you're a first-year educator or in your 30th year, being an MEA member provides you the support you need to succeed. There are so many different challenges in your career, and along the way, each step, MEA is always here to help."



"Membership means access to a wide network of mentors, activists, and organizers—being a member continues to help me in my career and provides me with opportunities to advance the profession that I wouldn't have otherwise received."



Hermon EA

"The members of our Association are the driving force. We see the barriers faced by our students and colleagues, and the Association helps us work together to create a direction that will make our state's schools better for all."

Top 5 Reasons to Join MEA

Increased pay and benefits

Your local association advocates for your professional pay, health care and retirement security so a career in education is a viable profession. The MEA also works at the state level to support legislation that impacts your pay and benefits.

More Power

Your local supports you in various situations, including at the local, state and national level. When you are a member you are part of the largest collective voice for educators in the state and nation - there is strength in numbers!


Improved working & student learning conditions

Local associations advocate for smaller class size, less standardized testing, input into curriculum, and safe buildings, just to name a few. These working conditions mean better learning environments.

Commitment to Social Justice

You will be part of an association that is working hard to achieve social justice in education/equity in schools, and can provide training to members to develop new strategies.

Liability Insurance

Because the liability potential can be so serious eligible association members receive professional liability insurance through the NEA Educators Employment Liability (EEL) Program.


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