MEA Representative Assembly

The MEA Representative Assembly (RA) comprises elected local association delegates from across the state and serves as the Association’s highest governing body. At its annual meeting the delegates attending the RA will determine MEA’s policies, programs, and budget for the following year. They will vote on proposed language to MEA’s Resolutions, Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules; proposed New Business Items, and vote on a Strategic Budget. To submit proposed language, use the forms below.

Download Forms for Representative Assembly

In the weeks preceding the RA, MEA publishes proposed changes to Resolutions, New Business Items, Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rule changes in the Maine Educator.

MEA also conducts Pre-RA Overview Meetings (PROM) around the state and/or virtual to discuss items that will be on the RA agenda. Information and registration for PROM meetings will be available in the spring.

To participate in debate and to vote on decisions, become a delegate representing your local association. See MEA Elections for information and to request forms. The 2020 MEA Representative Assembly will be held at the Marriott Sable Oaks in South Portland on May 16 and 17.

Voice in the Profession

The MEA holds an annual Representative Assembly (RA) in May. MEA’s RA is the largest democratic body of the association, made up of educators elected by their local associations to represent their district. The MEA RA delegates set the course of work for the Association in the upcoming school year, discuss and take positions on key education issues, and elect new leadership. Being a delegate at the MEA RA allows educators to have a greater voice in their work and in the profession as a whole.

As a member of the Maine Education Association, you are eligible to have a voice. Proposed additions, deletions, or changes in wording to the Constitution, Bylaws, or Standing Rules are welcome from MEA committees, local Associations and/or individual members. If you have proposed changes or new ideas, please let your voice be heard!

Overheard at the MEA RA-Delegates in their own words

Renee Doucette, K-A-K EA
“We are in our own association—we get the magazine and the emails but seeing it live is powerful. I’m glad I was able to be part of the process and see all these educators working together to improve instruction and learning with students. “

Jennifer Dorman, SAD 54 EA, 2015 Maine Teacher of the Year
“The networking has been a positive experience—meeting teachers from across the state who are dealing with things from the profession—there is a lot to be said about this is an experience that can build you up as a professional where there is so much tearing us down. I’ll definitely come back!”

Mary Beth Bourgoin, Winslow EA
“I’ve been a member since I started, but have never been to the RA. I’m glad I came—seeing how it operates—and how the decisions are made has been a positive experience. It’s something I can bring back to the membership to let them know their concerns are heard and something is being done about it.”

Cortney McCann, Quamphegan EA
“I always thought there was a mystical person to tell our president things, so demystifying that is a really good thing. It’s not as intimidating as a lot of people may think it is—it’s a bunch of people sitting in a room talking about issues important to education.”

Honoring our Colleagues and Supporters

Each year, during the MEA RA, the Association honors its members, and members of the community who are committed to excellence in education. The MEA recognizes educators and members of the community with a series of awards to highlight the positive work done in the name of advocating for our public schools. To see the recent winners, or to nominate someone for an MEA award, visit our awards page.