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Special Election - MEA Board of Directors District C

Special Election Board District C


Special election vacancies exist in the following MEA Board of Directors Election Districts:

District C: one year term until July 14, 2023

Interested candidates should complete the Notice of Intent and submit it by October 26, 2022. If there is more than one candidate, interviews will be conducted by the Board of Directors on December 3, 2022. The appointed Director will be expected to attend the Board meeting immediately following the appointment, which will be held at MEA Headquarters in Augusta.

See Elections Resources forms below for a list of all local associations within each Board Election District, or the “MED” column on Attachment I, which lists the Board District.

The Board of Directors duties include:

  • General interest of the Association.
  • Carry into effect all orders and resolutions of the Association not otherwise provided for.
  • Appoint and fix the salary of a full-time Executive Director.
  • Provide input to the preparation of the Association budget.
  • Manage the business and property affairs of this Association.
  • Charter governance affiliates: censure, suspend, or expel a governance affiliate pursuant to procedures adopted by the Board; communicate with and report to their constituency policies and actions of the Board of Directors.
  • Decide questions arising as to the interpretation of the provisions of this Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules.
  • Attend meetings and the annual Board of Directors Retreat, ACT, Bargaining Council and Governance meetings within their district, MEA-sponsored conferences, the MEA Representative Assembly, and national governance meetings and training sessions as approved by the MEA President.
  • Serve on various MEA and other committees as requested by the MEA President and shall attend meetings associated with those committees.

Experience in Association leadership is recommended. All candidates should have flexible schedules for evening and weekend meetings and be available to travel occasionally on weekends and during the summer. Public speaking and meeting facilitation experience are highly recommended.