We hope your school was able to celebrate Read Across America and participate in MEA’s Read Across Maine contest! These initiatives focus on motivating children and teens to read through events, partnerships, and reading resources that are made about everyone, and for everyone. Readers who feel included, recognized, and a part of the world are engaged readers. Though March is recognized as National Reading Month, NEA provides month-by-month resources to keep the celebration going year-round. Check out NEA’s website to learn more! The site also provides recommendations on books, authors, and resources that promote diversity and inclusion. MEA has selected three of those books, and we are eager to mail them to some lucky members, who can share them with the students in their classroom or their school. You can read about those titles on the below:

Elementary: What’s Your Name? By Bethanie Deeney Murguia

What is a name? People and animals from different backgrounds greet each other and show the meaning that lies in a name.

Middle: Healer of the Water Monster By Brian Young

Nathan Todacheenie, an 11-year-old Diné boy who is spending the summer with his grandmother, must summon his courage to save the life of a Water Monster—and help his uncle heal.

High School: Disability Visibility (Adapted for Young Adults) Edited by Alice Wong

Essays that offer keen insight into the complex and rich disability experience, examining life’s ableism and inequality, its challenges and losses, and celebrating its wisdom, passion, and joy.

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Tell us about your favorite book character from your childhood.

For me:

Amelia’s Notebook By Marissa Moss

For me it was Amelia, from the Amelia’s Notebook collection – a series of journals created by Amelia, a middle schooler documenting and doodling her way through life. An aspiring writer and sub-par doodler myself, I liked to tote around a composition book to chronicle my days in Aroostook County.