For the past five years, each June Maine Public has run a successful instrument donation campaign as part of its Music That Moves ME initiative. Maine Public’s viewers, listeners, and members have been very generous in donating no longer needed instruments to help young musicians have access to playing music. In the past Maine Public has partnered with different organizations to place instruments. This year, Maine Public is working directly with schools to help fulfill some of their instrument needs.

Maine Public currently has a small cache of used instruments and anticipate additional instruments trickling in throughout the year. Maine Public is encouraging any school in Maine to send a note to to let the organization know what instruments they are seeking for their schools. Maine Public will fulfill these requests where it can. Maine Public will also keep any supplied lists on file and check against them as new donations are received.  The instruments that will be provided are in “moderately good” to “very good” condition.

If your school is interested, please send us an instrument “wish list” as well as the contact information for the individual managing the school’s music program to Maine Public will do what it can to help out.