Current Color-Code for Each County

The Maine Department of Education instituted a color-code system for the operation of public schools in July. The three-tiered health advisory system is updated at 12:00 pm Friday, on an every two weeks cycle. These recommendations from MDOE are advisory. According to the MDOE, “given the large and varied nature of counties in Maine, SAUs within a county may adopt a reopening policy that differs from this county-based categorization of COVID-19 risk. Maine DHHS and Maine CDC will not review SAU-specific plans.”  

According to MDOE: This categorization system is solely for the purpose of informing decisions regarding pre-K to adult public education. It is calibrated to the related actions for schools. For example, the categorization of a county as yellow for hybrid learning in schools may not necessitate the closure of other establishments, such as restaurants and hair salons, and it is targeted to provide guidance for unique circumstances of schools.  

How County Risk Levels for Maine Schools are Determined

CDC COVID-19 Maine Data