There is new help for school music, art and performance programs. California Casualty has introduced the Music and Arts Grants to help pay for art materials, music and other necessities. Educators at public K-12 schools can apply for $250 at The entry deadline is June 30, 2019, with grants awarded in September.

The grant is designed to foster creativity in schools for choir, band, dance, film, theater, computer arts and graphics or any K-12 curriculum that employs art for learning. 

California Casualty been serving educators since 1951 and understands the importance of music and arts education for children. Numerous studies have concluded that sharing a love of the arts enhances students’:

  • Brain development
  • Creativity
  • Classroom involvement

Music and art curriculum has also been shown to reduce disciplinary issues and dropout rates.

Unfortunately, arts education at many schools has been reduced or eliminated because of budget cuts. California Casualty hopes to fill the need with the Music and Arts Grant. The funds must be used to subsidize music and arts programs or projects in the classroom.  Applicants must be a current member, or referred by a current member, of the state NEA affiliate or one of the other participating educator associations including ACSA, CASE, COSA, KASA, NASA or UASSP.

A pilot program in 2018 helped 50 programs at 46 schools in Kansas, Minnesota and Washington. This included purchasing ukuleles for the Kennydale Elementary School (WA) music and dance program, where music instructor Nikki Skinner said, “I look forward to, seeing students learn about reading music, playing as a group, working together and listening to each other as they grow and delight in their performance and celebrate an accomplishment.”

Edison High School (MN) provided uniforms, robes and instruments for the choir and band, which brings performances into elderly care facilities.

Sketchbooks and art supplies were made available to reestablish the art curriculum at Highland Park Central Elementary School (KS).

“We want to help students soar with music, dance, fine art and other creative outlets,” said California Casualty AVP Brian Goodman.

Apply now for a 2019 California Casualty Music and Arts Grant, and the chance to receive $250 for a worthy music, art or performance project at

California Casualty has other giving programs available for NEA members that include:

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