Across the state on Election Day, MEA members helped elect school boards and town councils that will better support our public schools. The effort from MEA members made a difference in every community where educators spoke up in support of candidates they believed would better work to support their schools and the profession.

Here is the proof:

Auburn:  This year the leaders of Auburn Education Association got involved and worked with parents to push their school committee to be more accountable. Educators in Auburn endorsed pro-education candidates and were successful in their efforts-MEA member Rose Walker, an ed tech in Lewiston, won her seat and incumbent candidates lost their seats to those the AEA endorsed. In the eight races where the AEA endorsed, six of their endorsed candidates won. Results in two at-large races are still pending. Following Election Day, there are now new voices on the school committee that will listen and respect educators.

Biddeford:  Teachers in Biddeford have expressed concern that their voices were not being heard by the school committee, so they decided to get involved and focus their energies on electing more pro-teacher voices.  All seven seats on the school committee were up, and the Biddeford Teachers Association was successful in electing three out of the four endorsed candidates. This is great progress for teachers in Biddeford who not only endorsed candidates, but also hosted a candidate meet and greet for educators to meet with the endorsed candidates. 

Fairfield/MSAD 49:  Teachers and ed techs in Fairfield came together to conduct an endorsement process and made a huge impact. As of this writing, all five of the Association’s endorsed candidates for school board won – although one endorsed candidate is currently winning by two votes! 

Portland:  The Portland Education Association took a different path this year and instead of endorsing candidates for mayor and other offices, the Association graded them using a rubric.  Kate Snyder will be the new mayor of Portland after last night’s election, and she had the highest score on the rubric along with Ethan Strimling.  You can see their rubrics here

In addition, the local association hosted a well-attended and flawless candidate forum with candidates for all local races.  It was a great event that gave members in Portland key information to help educate them in the choice before voting.

The MEA encourages local associations to recognize the importance of having school board members who truly support our profession and our students. These elected leaders make key decisions that impact our work. Please monitor local school board races and consider getting involved and having a process to endorse candidates. MEA can help you and help make a difference. Please contact MEA Government Relations Director John Kosinski for more information.