The 2018 Global Teacher Status index report is out. In the introduction, it states: “In this report we are able to show that both high teacher pay and high status are necessary to produce the best academic outcomes for pupils.” R

Read the full report–with lots of data!  

Another report, by the Teachers Alliance,  is titled “Qualities of Effective Teachers Who Teach Disadvantaged Students.” The report states that “Teachers believe their disadvantaged students’ top needs are: 1)social-emotional needs; 2) positive adult role models including effective teachers; and 3) basic needs (nutrition and learning resources). According to participants in the interviews, the dominant quality for effective teachers is the ability to empathize and connect with students. Other important qualities include a passion for teaching, continuous improvement, creativity, and commitment.” Read the full report.

Also just released, the 2018 report of Invest in Tomorrow is about the initiatives to address child poverty in Maine. Read the full report here.