The United States Senate is on the brink of voting on Donald Trump’s controversial and unpopular Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, despite having shown repeatedly during his confirmation hearings that, just like Betsy DeVos, he will favor the wealthy, powerful, and corporations instead of everyday working Americans.


Throughout his tenure on the bench, he has consistently ruled against the values we hold dear in public education. In fact, lawyers for the National Education Association combed through his nearly two decades of records – as a private citizen, lawyer, political staffer, and judge. Their conclusion? As a voucher advocate, there is no doubt that Kavanaugh would use a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court to advance the agenda of Betsy DeVos and her allies to undermine public education and rob students of their opportunities to succeed.


Our students cannot afford to have a Supreme Court Justice on the bench who will not protect the interests of students and educators.


That is why MEA President, Grace Leavitt and Vice President, Jesse Hargrove are going to Washington to meet with Senators Collins and King on Thursday, September 13. Leavitt is the new MEA President and is a Spanish teacher on leave from MSAD 51, and Hargrove is currently a Social Studies teacher in Hermon.


Grace is available to speak with media leading up to or immediately following scheduled meetings. All interviews prior to the trip would need to be arranged for Wednesday morning.