How to Find Your Individual ID

MEA Members all have a unique ID number. Follow the guide below to find this number.

NEA Member Portal Individual ID Locator

The NEA Member Portal gives you direct access to both your Individual ID and a host of NEA resources, including Ed Communities where you can connect, collaborate and share with colleagues from around the country on every issue education related. You can also change your personal information, like your mailing address, in the NEA Member Portal.

If you have an existing account in the NEA Member Portal…

Step 1: Login in or reset your password, if you forgot it.

Step 2: Click on MY PROFILE in the top horizontal menu bar

Step 3: On the next screen, on the right-hand side you will see a ten-digit Individual ID number. This is your Individual ID. (The ID to the left has been blacked out for security purposes.)

You now can use this Individual ID to log in to the members-only exclusive section of the MEA website.

If you DO NOT have an NEA Member Portal Log In

Go to and register for access, then follow the steps above to access your Individual ID.