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MEA Advocacy Pays Off-Educators Prioritized for COVID Vaccine

MEA Statement from President Grace Leavitt “After months of advocacy from the MEA and the National Education Association—continued phone calls, letters, and conversations about the need for a vaccine for all our educators—MEA and its pre-K- 12 members are breathing a...

MEA: A Snapshot

The Maine Education Association is the largest professional association and union in the state of Maine representing more than 23,000 teachers, support staff, professors, pre-service teachers and retired educators. The MEA is an organization for educators, run by educators and is here to support and strengthen educators in their career. When educators are in a strong position, our kids thrive. At MEA, we work hard so educators can focus on inspiring the passion for knowledge in the minds of Maine’s students.

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To arrange an interview, please contact MEA Director of Communications, Samantha Burdick at 207-622-4418 x2205 or via the contact form below. All interviews with the MEA President or others must be arranged through the Communications Department.

Interviews with current teachers or support staff can also be arranged through the Communications Department. Please note: the timing for these types of interviews may not be immediate, as these individuals first priority is working with students. Flexibility will be important if you are seeking an interview with a current teacher or support staff member.

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For those seeking headshots of the current MEA president for use in publications or on TV, you are permitted to use the following high-res image. Please credit MEA upon use.

MEA President, Grace Leavitt official photo


From innovation in the classroom to reading success on a school bus to education policy issues that impact teachers and students, the MEA produces three publications that inform and inspire. Check out our three magazines-Maine Educator, Maine Advocate and Inspire, for Young Education Professionals of the MEA.

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