LD 240 – Bargaining on Prep Time, Workload, and Transfers

MEA continues to push to help pass this important legislation, but the climb is uphill. Contact your legislators about LD 240: http://bit.ly/LD-240

Elected officials need to hear directly from YOU on this bill. Teachers deserve to have a real voice in matters that impact our classrooms. LD 240 would allow teachers to negotiate over planning and prep periods, workloads and transfers. Urge your legislators to support LD 240 and trust our teachers. The MEA is working overtime to get a reasonable bill passed but elected officials need to hear from you about how this will impact your classroom and students.

LD 300 – Pay Averaging for Hourly School Employees:

Good news on the MEA’s bill to require school districts to offer pay averaging to hourly school employees! LD 300 passed the Labor Committee and will head to the Legislature for a vote. Your elected officials need to hear from you about why pay averaging is important. For many, a snow day means a loss of a day’s pay and could make it harder to make ends meet. Pay averaging will allow hourly school employees to average their weekly wage so snow days or other cancellations do not result in a week with only a partial paycheck.

Please ask your legislators to vote ‘Ought to Pass’ on LD 300: http://bit.ly/LD-300

Testimony Needed! $40K the First Day

LD 419 will lift minimum teacher salary for teachers to $50K. LD 898 raises teacher starting salary to $40K, and outlines professional support systems for new teachers. MEA supports both bills. If you’d like to send a brief email to the committee in support of LD 419 and LD 898, click here: http://bit.ly/Raise-Teacher-Pay.

Another Anti-Teacher Lockman Bill – Defeated

The Education Committee unanimously voted down a proposal from Representative Lockman that would have prohibited teachers from discussing “controversial subjects” or engage in teacher advocacy. You can read more about it by clicking here.