MEA has heard from many educators about how the lack of paid sick days for adults impacts the students you serve.  That is why the MEA supports LD 369.  This bill, if passed, would provide paid sick leave to all employees in Maine who work in companies with more than 5 employees. 

The stories of sick children who are unable to go home because their parents can’t afford to miss work must end.  Everyone gets sick – and when we get sick we shouldn’t be concerned about whether missing work will make it even harder to pay our basic bills.  Yet, for too many families this is the case. 

This bill would require all employers with more than 5 employees to provide a process for workers to accrue sick days.  As written, a full-time employee would accrue 5 paid sick days per year.

MEA knows this legislation costs money for employers, but it is necessary.  Please click here to contact members of the Legislature’s Labor Committee to express your support for LD 369.