Legislators in Maine will soon have a powerful choice to make – should teachers and other public school employees have the right to strike? Sign the petition now!

Around the country, educators have been striking to raise awareness and find solutions to improve our public schools.  Here in Maine, educators are prohibited by law from striking, but a bill before the Legislature would allow them to undertake collective action to protect and improve their schools, without the threat of getting fired. 

Sign on as a citizen cosponsor of this bill, LD 900.  Show your support for our teachers and public school employees in Maine.  We trust our educators and we call on the Legislature to give them the tools they need to advocate for our kids.

As a cosponsor, we will tell your legislators in Augusta that you support legislation to give teachers and other public school employees the right to strike.  And we may be in touch with you about activities in Augusta around this legislation. 
Sign the petition now!

More About What We are Fighting For:

Teachers and educators in Maine are the best advocates for our children.  We trust them to educate our kids, and to care for them during the school day.  Our educators are dedicated public servants who care deeply about our children and the future of our state and nation. 

But for too long, their voices have been silenced.  Those individuals and groups wanting to destroy public education have worked for years to maintain power for themselves and to suppress educator voices.  They threaten teachers that dare to speak up for their students, and well-paid attorneys from Portland law firms coach school board members to ignore the concerns of front-line educators.

Educators around the country have fought back.  Teachers in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Arizona, Los Angeles and Oakland, among other places, have all been forced to strike to make meaningful improvements for their students.

Here in Maine, public school employees are prohibited by law from striking, but the Legislature can change that by passing a bill to give them the right to strike.  The bill will create an orderly process and requires teachers and other public school employees to provide ample notice and exhaust all other means to seek solutions before striking. 

You can show you trust and respect teachers by giving them the power to strike.  Consider signing on as a “people’s cosponsor” of the bill.

Teachers all over the country have made meaningful improvements for their students.  It is time we give educators in Maine the power to make improvements for our students.

Sign the petition now!