MEA Scorecard 131st Session Final Grades

The Maine Education Association advocates for policies and investments that ensure that our voice, values and priorities are heard and respected both in the workplace and at the statehouse. MEA created a searchable database to make it easier for you to find your lawmaker so you can learn how they voted on important education and union issue to help you make an informed decision come election time. Below are the results of some of that advocacy work, and where local Maine lawmakers stood on issues that mattered to MEA members.

LD 974: Wage Increase for Support Staff

LD 974:  Wage Increase for Support Staff

LD 974 proposed to lift the minimum wage for all school support staff to 125% of the minimum wage and 150% of the state’s minimum wage for ed techs.  This bill was passed by the House and the Senate and language was included in the supplemental budget with funding.  The budget language lifted the minimum wage for all school support staff to 115% of the state’s minimum wage and 125% for ed techs, beginning July 1, 2025.  Sponsored by Representative Ed Crockett (D-Portland)

House Roll Call 491, April 10, 2024:  Roll-call Details (

No Senate Roll Call

LD 1152: Long-term Disability Coverage for Educators

LD 1152:  Long-term Disability Coverage for Educators

LD 1152 proposed a requirement to provide long-term disability coverage to MainePERs participants (teachers and ed techs IIs and IIIs).  Individuals in MainePERs currently do not have a long-term disability program and too many teachers and ed techs have fallen through the cracks.  While the House and Senate passed the bill it failed to receive funding and therefore was not finally enacted.  The MEA will work with allies again to address this issue next year.  Sponsored by Senator Henry Ingwersen (D-York)

House Roll Call 419 March 25, 2024 Roll-call Details (

Senate Roll Call 614 March 21, 2024:  Roll-call Details (

LD 2032: Streamline Union Recognition

LD 2032:  Streamline Union Recognition

LD 2023 created a more streamlined process for public employees in higher education and other public sector jobs to join a union via a card-check process.  This bill was enacted into law and signed by the Governor.  The card check process is easier, faster and avoids delayed union election procedures.  Sponsored by Senator Mike Tipping (D-Penobscot)

House Roll Call 390 March 5, 2024 Roll-call Details (

Senate Roll Call 564 February 28, 2024 Roll-call Details (

Final law can be seen here:  getPDF.asp (

LD 2086: Bump Stock Ban

LD 2086:  Bump Stock Ban

In the wake of the Lewiston tragedy last October, the MEA has prioritized gun safety legislation with the hope these measures can keep our communities and our students safe.  LD 2086 bans “bump stocks” and rapid-fire devices in Maine.  The bill was passed and is awaiting action from the Governor.  Sponsored by Senator Anne Carney (D-Cumberland)

House Roll Call 534 April 17, 2024 Roll-call Details (

Senate Roll Call 759 April 17, 2024 Roll-call Details (

LD 2224: Partial Background Check Loophole Closure

LD 2224:  Partial Background Check Loophole Closure

This bill was proposed by the Governor and partially closes the background check loophole by requiring a background check on all advertised firearms sales and amends the state’s “yellow flag” law and includes other measures to address gun safety in Maine.  Sponsored by Senator Peggy Rotundo (D-Androscoggin)

House Roll Call 520 April 16, 2024 Roll-call Details (

Senate Roll Call 783 April 17, 2024:  Roll-call Details (

LD 2238: Waiting Period for Gun Purchases

LD 2238:  Waiting Period for Gun Purchases

This bill was passed by the House and the Senate and will institute a new 72 hour waiting period for firearm purchases.  Sponsored by Senator Peggy Rotundo (D-Androscoggin)

House Roll Call 535 April 17, 2024 Roll-call Details (

Senate Roll Call 760 April 17, 2024 Roll-call Details (

LD 1773: Retired Teacher Health Care

LD 1773:  Retired Teacher Health Care

This bill proposed to lift the state share for retired teacher health care program from the current 60% to 65%.  The bill received strong bipartisan support but failed to get the funding necessary for enactment.  The MEA will try again next year to make progress on this important issue. Sponsored by Representative Ben Collings (D-Portland)

House Roll Call 388 February 29, 2024 Roll-call Details (

No Senate Roll Call

2024 Leg Senate Scorecard

2024 Leg Senate Scorecard
LD 1898LD 2032LD 1152LD 2086LD 2238LD 2224131st Total Score
Protecting Educator from Dangerous BehaviorStreamline Union RecognitionLong-term Disability Coverage for EducatorsBump Stock BanWaiting Period for Gun PurchasesPartial Background Check Loophole Closure
Dist.RepresentativeRC #333RC# 564RC# 614RC# 759RC# 760RC# 783
1Troy D. Jackson (D-Aroostook)YYEYYY100%
2Trey L. Stewart (R-Aroostook)XXXXXX0%
3Bradlee T. Farrin (R-Somerset)XEXXXX0%
4Stacey K. Guerin (R-Penobscot)XXXXXX0%
5Russell J. Black (R-Franklin)XEXXXX0%
6Marianne Moore (R-Washington)XXYXXX17%
7Nicole C. Grohoski (D-Hancock)YYYYYY100%
8Mike Tipping (D-Penobscot)YYYYYY100%
9Joseph M. Baldacci (D-Penobscot)YYYYXX67%
10Peter A. Lyford (R-Penobscot)XXXXXX0%
11Chip Curry (D-Waldo)YYYYXY83%
12Pinny H. Beebe-Center (D-Knox)YYYYYY100%
13Cameron D. Reny (D-Lincoln)YYYYXY83%
14Craig V. Hickman (D-Kennebec)YYYXXX50%
15Matthew G. Pouliot (R-Kennebec)XXXXXX0%
16David P. LaFountain (D-Kennebec)YYEEYE100%
17Jeffrey L. Timberlake (R-Androscoggin)XXXXXX0%
18Richard A. Bennett (R-Oxford)XXXXXX0%
19Lisa M. Keim (R-Oxford)XXEXXX0%
20Eric L. Brakey (R-Androscoggin)XXXXXX0%
21Peggy R. Rotundo (D-Androscoggin)YYYYYY100%
22James D. Libby (R-Cumberland)XXXXXX0%
23Matthea E. L. Daughtry (D-Cumberland)YEYYYY100%
24Eloise A. Vitelli (D-Sagadahoc)YYYYYY100%
25Teresa S. Pierce (D-Cumberland)YYYYYE100%
26Timothy E. Nangle (D-Cumberland)YYYXYY83%
27Jill C. Duson (D-Cumberland)YYYYYY100%
28Ben M. Chipman (D-Cumberland)YYYYYY100%
29Anne M. Carney (D-Cumberland)YYYYYY100%
30Stacy F. Brenner (D-Cumberland)YYYYYY100%
31Donna Bailey (D-York)YYYYYY100%
32Henry L. Ingwersen (D-York)YYYYYY100%
33Matt A. Harrington (R-York)XXYXXX17%
34Joseph Rafferty (D-York)YYYYYY100%
35Mark W. Lawrence (D-York)YEYYYY100%

2024 Leg House Scorecard

2024 Leg House Scorecard

LD 1773LD 2032LD 1152LD 974LD 2224LD 2086LD 2238131st Total Score
Retired Teacher Health CareStreamline Union RecognitionLong-Term Disability Coverage for EducatorsWage Increase for Support StaffPartial Background Check Loophole ClosureBump Stock BanWaiting Period for Gun Purchases
Dist.RepresentativeRC# 388RC# 390RC# 419RC# 491RC# 520RC# 534RC# 535
1Austin L. Theriault (R Fort Kent)Yxxxxxx14%
2Roger Clarence Albert (R Madawaska)Yxxxxxx14%
3Mark Michael Babin (R Fort Fairfield)YxxYxxx29%
4Timothy C. Guerrette (R Caribou)YxxYxxx29%
5Joseph F. Underwood (R Presque Isle)Yxxxxxx14%
6Donald J. Ardell (R Monticello)xxxxxxx0%
7Gregory Lewis Swallow (R Houlton)xxxxxxx0%
8Tracy L. Quint (R Hodgdon)xxxxxxx0%
9Anne C. Perry (D Calais)YYYxYYY86%
10Kenneth Ralph Davis (R East Machias)Yxxxxxx14%
11Tiffany Strout (R Harrington)Yxxxxxx14%
12Billy Bob Faulkingham (R Winter Harbor)YYxYxxx43%
13J. Mark Worth (D Ellsworth)YYYYYYY100%
14Lynne A. Williams (D Bar Harbor)YYAEEEE67%
15Holly Rae Eaton (D Deer Isle)YYAYYYY86%
16Nina Azella Milliken (D Blue Hill)YAYYxYY71%
17Ronald B. Russell (D Verona Island)YYAxYxx43%
18Meldon H. Carmichael (R Greenbush)YxAxxxx14%
19Richard H. Campbell (R Orrington)Yxxxxxx14%
20Kevin J. M. O'Connell (D Brewer)AYAYYYY71%
21Ambureen Rana (D Bangor)YYYYYYY100%
22Laura D. Supica (D Bangor)YYYYYYY100%
23Amy J. Roeder (D Bangor)YYYYYYY100%
24Joseph C. Perry (D Bangor)AYYYYYY86%
25Laurie Osher (D Orono)YYYYYYY100%
26James F. Dill (D Old Town)YYYYYYx86%
27Gary A. Drinkwater (R Milford)Axxxxxx0%
28Irene A. Gifford (R Lincoln)Yxxxxxx14%
29Kathy Irene Javner (R Chester)YxxYxxx29%
30James Lee White (R Guilford)xxxxxxx0%
31Chad Richard Perkins (R Dover-Foxcroft)xxxxxxx0%
32Steven D. Foster (R Dexter)xxxxxxx0%
33Danny Edward Costain (R Plymouth)AxAxAxx0%
34Abigail W. Griffin (R Levant)Yxxxxxx14%
35James E. Thorne (R Carmel)Yxxxxxx14%
36David G. Haggan (R Hampden)YAAYxxx29%
37Reagan L. Paul (R Winterport)xxxxxxx0%
38Benjamin C. Hymes (R Waldo)xxxxxxx0%
39Janice S. Dodge (D Belfast)YYYYYYY100%
40Stanley Paige Zeigler (D Montville)YYYYYYY100%
41Victoria W. Doudera (D Camden)YYYYYYY100%
42Valli D. Geiger (D Rockland)YYYYYYY100%
43Ann Higgins Matlack (D St. George)YYYYYYY100%
44William D. Pluecker (I Warren)YYYxxxx43%
45Abden S. Simmons (R Waldoboro)YxxYxxx29%
46Lydia V. Crafts (D Newcastle)YYYYYYY100%
47Edward J. Polewarczyk (R Wiscasset)AxxYxxx14%
48Holly B. Stover (D Boothbay)YYYYYYY100%
49Allison Hepler (D Woolwich)AYYYYYx71%
50Sean C. Paulhus (D Bath) (Resigned July 14, 2023)EEEEEEE#DIV/0!
50David A. Sinclair (D Bath) (Started 11/17/2023)YYYYYYY100%
51Rebecca L. Jauch (D Topsham)YYYAAAA43%
52Sally Jeane Cluchey (D Bowdoinham)YYYYYYY100%
53Michael H. Lemelin (R Chelsea)Yxxxxxx14%
54Karen L. Montell (D Gardiner)YYYYYYY100%
55Daniel Joseph Shagoury (D Hallowell)YYYYYYY100%
56Randall Adam Greenwood (R Wales)Yxxxxxx14%
57Tavis Rock Hasenfus (D Readfield)YYYAAAA43%
58Daniel J. Newman (R Belgrade)Yxxxxxx14%
59Raegan French LaRochelle (D Augusta)YYYYYYY100%
60William R. Bridgeo (D Augusta)YYYYYYY100%
61Richard T. Bradstreet (R Vassalboro)YAxxxxx14%
62Katrina J. Smith (R Palermo)Yxxxxxx14%
63Scott Wynn Cyrway (R Albion)YYxxxxx29%
64Colleen M. Madigan (D Waterville)YYYYYYY100%
65Bruce A. White (D Waterville)YYYYYYY100%
66Robert W. Nutting (R Oakland)Yxxxxxx14%
67Shelley Rudnicki (R Fairfield)AAxxxxx0%
68Amanda N. Collamore (R Pittsfield)AxAYxxx14%
69Dean A. Cray (R Palmyra)xxxxxxx0%
70Jennifer L. Poirier (R Skowhegan)YYxYxxx43%
71John "Jack" E. Ducharme (R Madison)Yxxxxxx14%
72Larry C. Dunphy (R Embden)xxxxxAA0%
73Michael Soboleski (R Phillips)Yxxxxxx14%
74Randall C. Hall (R Wilton)Yxxxxxx14%
75H. Scott Landry (D Farmington)YYYYYxx71%
76Sheila A. Lyman (R Livermore Falls)YxxYxxx29%
77Tammy L. SchmersalBurgess (R Mexico)YYxxxxx29%
78Rachel A. Henderson (R Rumford)YYxxxxx29%
79John Andrews (R Paris)Yxxxxxx14%
80Caldwell Jackson (R Oxford)YAxxxxx14%
81H. Sawin Millett (R Waterford)YxYxxxx29%
82Caleb Joshua Ness (R Fryeburg)Yxxxxxx14%
83Walter N. Riseman (I Harrison)YYAxYYY71%
84Mark Walker (R Naples)Yxxxxxx14%
85Kimberly J. Pomerleau (R Standish)YAxxxxx14%
86Jessica L. Fay (D Raymond)YYYxYxY71%
87David W. Boyer (R Poland)Axxxxxx0%
88Kathy A. Shaw (D Auburn)YYYYYYY100%
89Adam R. Lee (D Auburn)YYYYYYY100%
90Laurel D. Libby (R Auburn)xxxxxxx0%
91Joshua Morris (R Turner)xxxxxxx0%
92Stephen J. Wood (R Greene)Yxxxxxx14%
93Margaret Craven (D Lewiston)YYYYYYY100%
94Kristen Cloutier (D Lewiston)YYYYYYY100%
95Mana H. Abdi (D Lewiston)YYYYYYY100%
96Michel A. Lajoie (D Lewiston)YYYYYYY100%
97Richard G. Mason (R Lisbon)Yxxxxxx14%
98Joseph C. Galletta (R Durham)YAAxxAA14%
99Cheryl A. Golek (D Harpswell)YYYYYYY100%
100Daniel J. Ankeles (D Brunswick)YYYYYYY100%
101Poppy Arford (D Brunswick)YYYYYYY100%
102Melanie F. Sachs (D Freeport)YYYYYYY100%
103Arthur L. Bell (D Yarmouth)YYYYYYY100%
104Amy Bradstreet Arata (R New Gloucester)Yxxxxxx14%
105Anne P. Graham (D North Yarmouth)YYYYYYY100%
106Barbara A. Bagshaw (R Windham)xxAYxxx14%
107Jane P. Pringle (D Windham)YYAYAYY71%
108Maureen Fitzgerald Terry (D Gorham)YYYYYYY100%
109James A. Boyle (D Gorham)AYAAYYY57%
110Stephen W. Moriarty (D Cumberland)YYYYYYY100%
111Amy D. Kuhn (D Falmouth)YYYYYYY100%
112W. Edward Crockett (D Portland)AYAYAAA29%
113Grayson B. Lookner (D Portland)YYYYYYY100%
114Benjamin T. Collings (D Portland)YYYYYYY100%
115Michael F. Brennan (D Portland)YYYYYYY100%
116Samuel Lewis Zager (D Portland)YYYYYYY100%
117Matt Moonen (D Portland)YYYYYYY100%
118Rachel Talbot Ross (D Portland) - SpeakerYYYYYYY100%
119Charles A. Skold (D Portland)YYAYYYY86%
120Deqa Dhalac (D South Portland)YYYYYYY100%
121Christopher J. Kessler (D South Portland)YYYYYYY100%
122Lois Galgay Reckitt (D South Portland) (Deceased October 30, 2023)EEEEEEE#DIV/0!
122Matthew D. Beck (D - South Portland) (Started 3/12/2024)EEYYYYY100%
123Rebecca J. Millett (D Cape Elizabeth)YYAYYYY86%
124Sophia B. Warren (D Scarborough)YYYYYYY100%
125Kelly Noonan Murphy (D Scarborough)YYYYYYY100%
126Drew Gattine (D Westbrook )YYYYYYY100%
127Morgan J. Rielly (D Westbrook)YYYYYYY100%
128Suzanne M. Salisbury (D Westbrook)YYYYYYY100%
129Margaret M. O'Neil (D Saco)YYYYYYY100%
130Lynn H. Copeland (D Saco)YYAYYYY86%
131Lori K. Gramlich (D Old Orchard Beach)AAYYYYY71%
132Erin R. Sheehan (D Biddeford)YYYYYYY100%
133Marc G. Malon (D Biddeford)AYYYYYY86%
134Traci Gere (D Kennebunkport)YYYYYYY100%
135Daniel Sayre (D Kennebunk)YYYYYYY100%
136Heidi H. Sampson (R Alfred)YxxYxAx29%
137Nathan M. Carlow (R Buxton)Yxxxxxx14%
138Mark John Blier (R Buxton)Yxxxxxx14%
139David Woodsome (R Waterboro)YxxYxxx29%
140Wayne R. Parry (R Arundel)YxxYxxx29%
141Lucas John Lanigan (R Sanford)YAAYAAA29%
142AnneMarie Mastraccio (D Sanford)YYxYYYY86%
143Ann Fredericks (R Sanford)Yxxxxxx14%
144Jeffrey Sean Adams (R Lebanon)YxAxxxx14%
145Daniel J. Hobbs (D Wells)YYYYYYY100%
146Walter Gerard Runte (D York)YYYYYYY100%
147Holly T. Sargent (D York)YYYYYYY100%
148Thomas A. Lavigne (R Berwick)YAAxxxx14%
149Tiffany Roberts (D South Berwick)YYYYAAA57%
150Michele Meyer (D Eliot)YYYYYYY100%
151Kristi Michele Mathieson (D Kittery)YYYYYYY100%