MEA members are leading the profession in both big and small ways. They’re speaking up for policies that work best for our students at the state and national level, they’re working to transform their locals, and so much more. That leadership though doesn’t come without training, and MEA/NEA is proud to be able to offer some of the best professional development around-and it’s FREE for members.

Recently, several MEA members joined by MEA’s President, Grace Leavitt, joined together at the National Education Association’s 2019 Leadership Summit which was held in Denver, Colorado.

The theme for the 2019 summit is Amplifying Our Voice: Leading Boldly for Our Students, Our Professions, and Our Union. The Summit is not merely a conference – it is designed to be an experience. An experience that hopefully challenges and inspires you to focus more intentionally on your leadership development. Is it also designed to provide you with an opportunity for networking and to have fun. Through the design, we believe we are meeting the purpose of the Summit, which is: To develop activist leaders and prepare them with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to lead relevant, thriving associations and to lead in their professions.

During the Summit, MEA members produced a framework to build on to help increase leadership and effectiveness of the Association going forward. The following is a piece of the work plan completed from those who attended.

Issue/Priority: Social and Racial Justice 


Building capacity for locals to lead their profession in Advocacy around Social and Racial Justice

Bringing NEA-trained “Leaders for Just Schools” to our state and local organizations


  • Inventory local districts as to needs
  • Coordinate offerings for neighboring districts
  • Recommend a session/track for our state Fall Conference
  • Collaborate with local school districts/partner with school administrators to bring this beyond members—to all who work with our students
  • Work to bring “how to talk about race with our children” sessions to communities (for staff and parents)
  • Promote civil rights teams in every school
  • Collaborate with Maine School ManagementMaine Principals Association/Department of Education to offer a convening for educators with the Leaders for Just Schools
  • Form an ad-hoc committee to focus on this and coordinate/plan strategies and tactics and actions


  • NEA’s resource guide on “Racial Justice in Education”
  • Three “Leaders for Just Schools” who are committed to bring training back to the state

MEA is always working to help develop leaders in the profession. If you are interested in learning more about taking a leadership role in your work, contact us today!