By Mallory Cook and Anna Anthony

Because we attend so many IEP and 504 meetings a year, it is easy to forget just how important these gatherings are to students’ academic success. Remember, most teams only meet once per year to discuss a student’s plan-a plan that will follow a student for his/her academic career. Your preparation, participation, and follow-through are incredibly important to the child.


  • Review the student’s IEP or 504
  • Reflect on the impact of the accommodations
  • Are they working?
  • Is the student using them?
  • What’s missing?
  • List the student’s strengths
  • If you’ve identified challenges, be sure to come prepared with interventions you’ve implemented and their impact on the student
  • Prepare relevant student work samples or data to support your claims
  • Record the student’s current grade or progress toward relevant standards
  • If you’ve determined the need to modify existing accommodations or to add new accommodations, have a list prepared


  • Report out on the student’s strengths first
  • Share the impact of the present accommodations as related to classwork, achievement on assessments, behavior, etc.
  • Share challenges and interventions that have been implemented
  • Share any relevant data
  • Propose new accommodations or modifications to existing accommodations
  • Ask questions of the parents, the special education professionals, the student, and other teachers in the room
  • Avoid negativity – realize that though a student may appear disengaged, this could be a manifestation of the disability. Before going there, think, “What measures have I taken to ensure the student’s needs have been met?”
  • End on a positive note


  • Implement any new accommodations that were brought up in the meeting
  • Expect to find an updated document listing any changes
  • File the new document and discard the old one
  • Continue to monitor the student’s progress
  • Contact the case manager or parents/guardians with any concerns or strengths that emerge after the team’s convening

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