MEA Launches Media Campaign to Thank Educators

Thanks2You our students made it through

The Maine Education Association understands how much each of our educators have been through this year and is continually working to share your efforts with the public to ensure it understands and respects what you have done for our students.

During Teacher Appreciation Week, MEA launched a campaign titled Thanks2You. The campaign shared the stories of several educators and students, detailing the challenges and successes of the year showing why each student was grateful for the educators, nurses, bus drivers, counselors, social workers and more in their lives. From helping solve a hard math problem, to a friendly hello as students climb the bus stairs in the morning – Thanks2You educators for helping us make it through!


The campaign ran on social media in May and June. Increasing awareness in the community of the efforts of our educators is a critical goal for MEA in order to provide an accurate representation of the work you’re doing each day. On the following pages are some of the campaign components. MEA encourages you to view the video elements of the campaign below. MEA used grant funds to pay for the media campaign. Understanding a positive public image of both our public schools, educators, and our Union is crucial, and MEA will continue to work to spread this positive message.

Watch Thanks2You Campaign Here

Hope Keleher

What you do helps us make it through.

Thanks2You teachers for individualizing instruction to make up for learning loss during the pandemic, persevering through every challenge, changing your teaching strategies and finding creative ways to meet each student’s needs, and so much more.

Megan Bain

What you do helps us make it through.

Thanks2You social workers for helping students with social skills, and teaching students to be resilient, listening when there’s a problem, without ever judging, developing strategies to help students deal with tough situations, and so much more.

Watch Megan

Merita McKenzie

What you do helps us make it through.

Thanks2You physical education teachers for teaching students the importance of staying healthy, managing expectations to meet students where they are, encouraging students of all physical abilities to try new activities, and so much more.

Lizzie Nalli

What you do helps us make it through.

Thanks2You school nurses for your dedication to taking care of students and the community during the pandemic, flexibility with ever-changing guidelines, resiliency during the toughest year ever, and so much more.