Our Maine delegation is just back from the National Education Association Representative Assembly Nearly 7,000 delegates from the 52 state affiliates of the NEA met in Houston for four busy days electing members to the NEA Executive Committee and at-large Board of Directors, debating and voting on proposed changes to the NEA Constitution and Bylaws, the resolutions (belief statements), the legislative agenda, the strategic budget, and the many new business items (action items) that the NEA will work on during the coming year. 

You can see the highlights of what took place at https://ra.nea.org/, including videos of inspiring speeches by the NEA Teacher of the Year, the NEA ESP of the Year, the NEA Higher Ed member of the Year, and NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia.  You will also find the list of the New Business Items that were adopted and the other actions that were passed.  There were many items dealing with racial and social justice, the supports our students need to learn, and the conditions our colleagues need to do their best work.  The last issue of the “RA Today” shows the final update of all of the adopted New Business Items and amendments.

A special highlight of this year’s RA was the presidential forum. Ten candidates accepted the invitation to participate.  Each had ten minutes to speak—one minute to address the delegates, followed by three questions that members had submitted for which they had three minutes per question to respond.  Although it was only ten minutes per candidate, their responses revealed many of their views on various issues that are important to educators and to our students.  Be sure to check out the website that NEA has created where you can see candidates’ views on a variety of educational issues and can compare their views:  https://educationvotes.nea.org/presidential-2020/  The website will be updated periodically over the coming months.  2020 is around the corner!